We are OPE technology experts and know its manifold of opportunities

  • Energy and space saving
  • Customized product design
  • Large area, extremely lightweight, and transparent components
  • The potential of using coating and digital printing manufacturing steps
  • Lighting elements (OLED), solar cells, displays, sensors, actuators, semiconductor devices, batteries, and memories

Our Organization

COPT Center is the OPE competence center of the University of Cologne. Located in one of Europe’s major industry regions, it is operated as commercial enterprise by the University and provides rental space and equipment for research purposes.

Partner for contract research, consultation, and education is the Zentrum für Organische Elektronik Köln gGmbH (ZOEK gGmbH). Shareholders of the ZOEK gGmbH are the Verein zur Förderung des ZOEK e.V., a non-profit association of institutes and enterprises to promote organic and printed electronics, and the Ideas Factory Cologne gGmbH, a 100% owner subsidiary of the University of Cologne. The head of the COPT Center, Prof. Dr. Klaus Meerholz, directs a research group for Organic Electronics at the University of Cologne. CTS Köln GmbH is the partner for the rental of rooms and equipment. CTS Köln provides this service within a concession granted by the University of Cologne.

COPT Center has received grants from the state government of North Rhine Westphalia within the frame of the EFRE-program and from the European Union for infrastructure projects. It is geared to fulfill industrial needs, specifically of small and medium sized enterprises.


GATEWAY, the University of Cologne’s service for founders, specifically supports scientists at the University of Cologne striving to start an independent business. To them, COPT Center offers the opportunity of technical assistance, space, and its extended network. COPT Center actively cooperates with GATEWAY to help technology based start-ups needing laboratories and scientific instruments.